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Drive from hotel 60.4 mi
2 hr hike
Difficulty Moderate
Kohala Volcano
Kohala | Hike
Pololu Valley

One of the most rewarding experiences on the island.

Time from Hotel to Trail Head 1.35 hr drive

“The Pololu Valley hike offers one of the most rewarding experiences on the island, filled with spectacular views, diverse ecosystems, and moments of otherworldly beauty.

Pololū, meaning long spear, is one of the seven valleys of the Kohala Volcano. This part of the island is still raw. You won’t find beach resorts here.

While short, the hike down is very steep. Step carefully and be prepared for mud. Note, while the beaches are beautiful, it is often dangerous to swim due to the strong currents. So, better to enjoy from the shore.

Come early because the small parking lot fills up quickly. Lastly, and most importantly, this area is particularly significant ecologically and culturally, and carries much history. So, be safe, tread lightly, and respect the surroundings.”