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Location OAHU


Duration: 3 hrs Rated: Moderate. Age: 3+

$149 Adults – 13 years old and over
$115 Children – Ages 3 – 12. Must be accompanied by an Adult (18+)


Embark on a cultural adventure aboard a traditional Wa’a Pe’a (Hawaiian Sailing Canoe) and experience the beauty of Kailua from a unique perspective. The knowledgeable watermen will guide you through the crystal-clear coral reefs, where you’ll encounter honu (sea turtles) and other native sea life. As you sail, take in the stunning views of the Ko’olau range and listen to captivating stories about the Ahupua’a (land divisions) that make up Kailua and the Ka Iwi coastline.
This Hawaiian experience is not only about witnessing the natural beauty of the area, but also about learning about its rich cultural heritage. You’ll have the opportunity to observe indigenous seabirds like ‘Iwa and ‘Ua’u kani and gain insights into their significance in Hawaiian culture. The offshore islets serve as a sanctuary for these birds, offering a rare glimpse into their world.
Join this tour for an unforgettable journey that combines adventure, education, and cultural immersion. Book your Wa’a Pe’a tour today and discover the magic of Kailua’s waters and wildlife!

“Sailing through Hawaii is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!”


Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Tour Features:

  • Paddling IS REQUIRED!
  • You WILL get wet
  • Participants required to sign electronic liability waiver.
  • Participants required to arrive & check in with guide 15 minutes PRIOR to tour departure time.

Max allotted number of guests per canoe – 6. For parties larger than 6, you will be placed in two separate canoes.

“…there’s something special about exploring the islands from the sea.”